Confidence Week 2017

Confidence Week is such an important time for Kappa Delta nationally, and of course, our chapter here at the University of South Carolina! This year’s Confidence week at USC consisted of lots of fun activities, including our favorite: our Confidence Coalition.

We set up four huge cork boards on Greene Street on campus. Then, we encouraged other students, faculty, staff, and visitors to reflect on the things that make them confident. They wrote down one thing that made them feel confident on a sticky note and then they posted them on the boards for everyone to see!

It was so encouraging to see our boards fill up as the day went by. We heard from members of ROTC, the mens’ basketball team, other sororities and fraternities, professors, and many others! Although the things that made them confident were different, the post-it notes showed everyone that there are SO many reasons to be confident.

Whether it be a good hair day, the ability to rock a pant suit, your coaches, your friends, your faith, or simply your smile- there is always a reason to be confident and love yourself!

Happy Confidence Week! 



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